SHT Thru-Hiking Guide

Thru-Hike the Superior Hiking Trail” is a guide for hiking the entire 310-mile Superior Hiking Trail in northern Minnesota, or “thru-hiking” the trail. The guide includes information on:

  • Planning a thru-hike
  • Resupplying (including an exhaustive list of business in towns along the trail, distances between towns, specific walking directions from the trail to resupply locations in town and more)
  • Navigating the trail
  • Safety information specific to the conditions and dangers you’ll face on the Superior Hiking Trail (including interviews with local Search and Rescue squads with decades of experience in the area)
  • Advice on how to complete a “Total Thru-Hike” and include the Duluth section of the trail, which does not have free campsites (including suggested itineraries and accommodations for people hiking 10 and 20 miles per day)
  • Transportation to, from and on the trail
  • Gear recommendations
  • Tips for coping with bugs, wildlife and following the Leave No Trace Seven Principles and guidelines set by the Superior Hiking Trail Association
  • Stories from author Annie Nelson’s 2017 thru-hike
  • and much more!

If you don’t have a Kindle, a free app is available for computers, laptops, and smartphones through all app stores on your device. Purchase of the eBook through the Amazon or Kindle app on Apple devices is not currently possible. Use a web browser on your Apple device, log in to your Amazon account, and direct Amazon to send the eBook to your preferred device.

I’ve stopped bringing printed books on my hikes due to their weight, and highly recommend using an e-reader app like Kindle on your smartphone to save on weight. Using the Kindle app allows me to bring several books with me at a time!

A printed version of the guide will be available soon. I also hope to publish an eBook version of the guide on Apple and Barnes & Nobles eBook platforms within the year.

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