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SHT Thru-Hiking Guide now available in Print

I’m thrilled to announce the print version of my thru-hiking guide for the Superior Hiking Trail is now available. “Thru-hiking” a trail means hiking an entire trail in one hike. In the case of the Superior Hiking Trail, that means spending 2-4 weeks hiking… Continue Reading “SHT Thru-Hiking Guide now available in Print”

After 2,000 miles, my body makes more sense

During my long hike on the North Country Trail, I lost 30 pounds. When I returned home, I found myself able to run 7 miles without difficulty. I’ve never run 7 miles in my life. It felt like magic. Before I started my 1,500-mile… Continue Reading “After 2,000 miles, my body makes more sense”

Beaver fever SUCKS

My final morning on trail, I sat in my tent with the bug screen and rain fly open. Nausea and stomach pains roiled in my gut, and I was trying to make a decision about whether to continue west on the trail, or head… Continue Reading “Beaver fever SUCKS”

Less than halfway, but proud thru and thru

On Sept. 26, I didn’t know when I set up camp at Howard Lake on the Kekekabic Trail that it would be the final night of my hike. The week before, I’d had beautiful, mild weather on the Border Route Trail with temperatures in… Continue Reading “Less than halfway, but proud thru and thru”

A wild rarity

There is a meadow north of Grand Marais that I love on the Superior Hiking Trail. Meadows in the dense transitional forest between the deciduous and coniferous forests of the south and the boreal forest of the north are rare. The meadow is long,… Continue Reading “A wild rarity”

Stinky kitty wants to play?

After standing quietly for a minute, not wanting to startle the skunk 30 feet down the trail from me into spraying, I finally called, “Hey, skunk! Coming through!” I expected this skunk to do what most animals do in the forest when they realize… Continue Reading “Stinky kitty wants to play?”

Easy, and hard

My first night back on trail after my rest day in the Twin Cities, I hiked through Chester Park in Duluth as night fell. Although I was in the city of Duluth, no street light reaches into the park, a long north shore river… Continue Reading “Easy, and hard”


After 1,123 miles, I crossed into my home state of Minnesota on Aug. 19, 3 1/2 months after starting my halfway thru hike of the North Country Trail. I shouted with joy when I saw the beautiful, new wooden sign hanging like an archway… Continue Reading “Oh SHT!”

1,000 miles done

I stepped off the blacktop and climbed down into the ditch as yet another car passed me on the road out of Ironwood, Mich. One of the nicest days of the summer, I was walking along the road to the most popular county park… Continue Reading “1,000 miles done”

From fear to fantastic in five days

As I waited for Sara to pick me up from the trail, I sat staring at the trail leading off west into the woods. I felt defeated, and unsure how I’d get back to this remote place. I spent a total of 11 days… Continue Reading “From fear to fantastic in five days”